Learning Programme Designer & Developer

Create and Design courses and learning programmes

What you will learn.

You will learn to develop and attain the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to design and create learning programmes (structure and content) for a learning programme or specific identified learning need.

What you can do.

  • Design and Develop learning programmes and course materials for any outcomes-based learning intervention or programme
  • Design learning programmes according to specific needs which are identified within an organisation or in a specific scenario
  • Be a self-employed Learning Programme Designer or Course Developer for an organisation or learning institution

What’s Included:

  • Learning Material
  • Facilitation
  • Assessment
  • Moderation
  • Certification


  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 123394 Develop Outcomes-based Learning Programmes, NQF level 5, 10 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 123401 DESIGN Outcomes-based Learning Programmes, NQF level 6, 15 Credits

Classroom-style Learning

Our programmes offer hands-on, personalised learning for students wanting face-to-face interaction. Learners benefit from group discussions and interaction in an environment that promotes peripheral ‘outside the box’ thinking.
Catering is provided.

Duration – 5 days
Fee – R 6049 (VAT incl.)

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Full-time Blended Hybrid Virtual Online Learning

Learning takes place via pre-scheduled Zoom sessions. A standardized lesson plan which is currently utilised for classroom-based learning purposes is continuously amended throughout the learning process, strongly dependent on the engagement, participation and learning experience of the learners to ensure as successful outcome of the programme. Facilitators and assessors also make use of additional one-on-one sessions via Zoom, Whatsapp groups and email communication, especially for additional learner support and remedial evidence.

Duration – 5 days
Fee – R 5175 (VAT incl.).

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Corporate Group Learning

Interested in hosting this course in-house? A fee can be negotiated for the training, along with customised dates that meet the needs of your organisation best. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Other Short Courses.

Our ETD programmes and qualifications have been carefully designed to meet the needs of your industry and business.


This course is aimed at anyone who already is or would like to become part of a training or learning environment and includes education training and development practitioners, lecturers, teachers, entrepreneurs, school leavers, and university and college students.

Available as:


This course is aimed at already-certified assessors who would want to get involved in the monitoring, Quality Assurance and Support of Assessment Practices.

Available as:


This course is aimed at Facilitators, Managers, Supervisors, HR Practitioners, lecturers and teachers where one is learned to conduct on-the-job as well as the assessment of learning programmes and skills.

Available as:


Learn how to mentor people to enhance the application of their skills, values, and attitudes in a selected career. Career advisors, Facilitators, Managers, Supervisors, HR Practitioners, Lecturers, and Teachers can greatly benefit from this course.

Available as:

Assessment Designer

Learn how to design assessments which are used to conduct on-the-job or practical assessments. as well as for courses or learning programmes.

Available as:


Learn how to coach an individual to enhance their performance in a work environment. Managers, Supervisors, HR Practitioners, Lecturers, and Teachers can greatly benefit from this course.

Available as:

Skills Development Facilitator – SDF

This course is aimed at individuals who would manage, plan, implement and report on all training operations within an organisation, including the submission of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) to the relevant regulators and labour departments as a requirement to be able to claim Mandatory and Discretionary grant funding.

Available as:

Not sure which course is right for you?

Send us a message and one of our course coordinators will contact you right away. With a range of courses to choose from, we’ll help you to create a bespoke programme for coaching and mentoring, material development, facilitation, assessment and moderation.

We are part of the City & Guilds Group and were the first ETDPSETA accredited provider in South Africa. We’ve helped over 55,000 people develop the essential skills needed to grow into strong education, training and development managers, making us the leading global ETD provider.

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