Design And Development Learner Implementation Programmes On Various Qualification

South African Sport Confederation and Olympic committee
SASCOC identified a need to capacitate their Professional Coach Developers as qualified facilitators and assessors to conduct the entire facilitation and assessment process. Assessment College was appointed as the official training provider to facilitate workshops in co-operation with facilitators from SASCOC on facilitation, assessor and moderator training in the North west, Limpopo and Northern Cape provinces.

It was a dedicated and committed group of Professional Coach Developers (PCD’s) whom displayed a high level of energy and passion for the work they are doing. They eagerly took up the challenge to be exposed to the NQF system and could like their experience to the challenge of the facilitation, assessment and moderation.

During the durations of the workshops, the PCD’s and facilitators were visited by various Sport Administrators, SASCOC staff members, Education, Training and Quality assurance staff from the Culture, art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sports sector and project Managers/coordinators from Assessment College. This was very much appreciated by the group of PCD’s

The workshops and submissions of portfolios were completed within the required timeframes and the set objectives were achieved. The PCD’s enjoyed the intervention and there was good communication between the PCDS and the facilitators

Assessment College adhered to the acceptable standards and provisions as laid down by the requirements set out in the contract. All learning material, facilitation documentation and learner information’s was set out in the contract requirements. The outcome of the training interventions was of a very high and acceptable standard.