Coaching Framework Implantation Programme- Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator training in Limpopo

For Botswana Training Authority (Currently Botswana Qualification Authority)

Assessment College was awarded a tender to design and develop learner implementation programmes (LIP) on qualifications for Tourism, Choral Music, Creative arts and Tourism. The LIP’s were designed and developed in a set of five guides for each qualification

  1. The learner manual
  2. Evidence guides
  3. Assessment and moderation instruments
  4. Employer and provider guide
  5. Training implementation guide

It was arranged that the designers could meet with subject matter specialist in the field of the qualifications. During these workshops practitioners from the industries attended the discussions and provide valuable advice to the designers.

The Learner Implementation Programmes (LIP’s) were printed and submitted to Botswana Qualification Authority who distributed to the various stakeholders in the five subject matter industries.