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Online Education, The Future of Learning?

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Education Insights

Businesses and employees alike can no longer ignore how important the evolution of upskilling and reskilling has become – and it’s something that applies across all industries and specialisations. Whether you want to use it as a strategy to retain your talent, increase your employability or expand your career options, online learning has become a professional solution. The advantages of online learning extend beyond just easy access, however. Here are just a few of them.

A More Suitable Learning Environment 

Employees can find practical workshops inconvenient, having to take time off work and face-to-face training can make it harder to retain information because of how fast-paced it can be. An online learning platform creates a relaxed environment where learners can pace themselves. Instead of rushing through content and hastily scribbling down notes, an online learning platform provides ready to use learning material, creating the opportunity to repetitively and continuously access learning resources and media



No Additional Expenses 

Besides the accessibility of online learning, the ability to use company resources to complete a course is more favourable to employees. They can do it from the comfort of their desk without having to arrange transport to a learning facility. Employees can schedule it into their day-to-day activities, and this means they’ll be motivated to complete it. 



Peer Support 

Not only does online learning provide an interactive platform, but it also allows employees to engage with their peers. Individuals can discuss topics and unpack them further amongst themselves. It’s a good motivator, as employees will see the course as a group effort rather than an annoying individual exercise. It will also create the opportunity for mentorship and coaching within departments by encouraging employees to approach line managers with theories they’ve learned and questions they might have. 

Other advantages to online learning include the ability to monitor progress online, the ability to learn affordably as all learning materials are available online, and the ability to forgo having to hire additional teaching resources and facilities



Though these are just a few advantages of online learning, the fact remains that it’s still the most effective manner to teach and train today. Replacing traditional learning environments such as workshops and classes opens up access to knowledge to everyone. Self-instruction with support from Online Facilitators and Assessors, along with self-paced learning, have become key factors in the success of online learning, and it’s a platform that will only grow in today’s digital world.