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What Training Do I Need To Become A Facilitator?

by | May 6, 2019 | Preparing For The Future

Facilitators are needed now more than ever.

Learning Facilitators play a significant role in all areas of almost any organisation or group across the world. Learning Facilitators act as the Masters who share knowledge, behaviours, attitudes, skills, information and expertise in a learnful way. They develop people further by making them realise their potential, leading them to better themselves within their jobs, careers, goals and independence. Learning Facilitators also play their part and bring change in the formal education and learning environment itself.

How do I become a Facilitator?

In an ever-changing world, it’s crucial for organisations and individuals alike to evolve with the times. Not only does staying the same stagnate growth, but it also renders one irrelevant where relevance counts most.

Assessment College train and equip Facilitators with the critical skills to help them help other individuals and organisations stand out head and shoulders above in their respective fields, professions and industries. If you’ve always wanted to become a facilitator and get involved in skills development, you’ll need to start with training. Here’s what you will learn during the Facilitator Course and how it can help you excel at your role of improving and changing the work industry and lives of others:



What is a Facilitator?

A facilitator is someone who creates a conducive environment and opportunity for learning and development to take place. Where groups are concerned, a facilitator will engage participants in ways that encourage learning which is experienced through different perspectives, open expression and a culture of mutual responsibility, respect and diversity. All this is achieved through innovative and creative methods of engagement in learning, which are tailored to suit the needs and objectives of a group of people or an individual. Facilitators interactively participate in the learning process by acting as the medium through which learning takes place. They guide and lead their participants towards the end goal through interaction, engagement, support, coaching and mentoring. They act as a valuable source of information, understanding and learning.



What does a Facilitator do?

As mentioned before, facilitators are actively involved in the process of learning. Their role is to act as proponents and catalysts of participation through learning in group or individual settings. They have to identify and solve potential learning challenges and provide solutions to ensure that learning takes place effectively, meeting or exceeding the objective or goal of the group or individual. A facilitator should also consistently probe participants to think outside the box, apply creative and independent thinking, while still facilitating learning within a set framework or objective. This means they will:

  • Set the goal for learning;
  • Initiate and lead the conversation during learning;
  • Encourage participant engagement, support and guide discussions and dialogues;
  • Evaluate and give constructive feedback of what has been learnt;
  • Help participants apply their newly-acquired knowledge and skills in practical and enhanced ways.


Who can become a Facilitator?

Any individual experiences learning throughout their lives and careers. Lifelong learning forms an integral part of all life and work. This being said, is that any individual who is willing to and have the drive and passion for sharing what they have learnt in their own life experience, field or career, now has the opportunity to take it to the next level by becoming a qualified and professionally recognised Facilitator. In doing this, they will no longer act, but be the true Masters of Learning, creating real opportunities for change in people, changing the world.



Get qualified and recognised as a Professional Facilitator with Assessment College.

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