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Tips on How To Manage To Study While Working Full Time

by | Oct 11, 2019 | All About Up-Skilling, Preparing For The Future

Sometimes, it may be necessary to work full time and study to work your way through college or get that degree you need to improve your career path. Although hard, it can be done with a bit of time management, and a lot of good willpower. Follow our pro tips to find out how to work and study at the same time.

Be Honest

Making sure that your employer knows that you are studying as well as working for them may ease your workflow. Don’t expect special treatment, or your employer to go easier on you, but being honest is always the best policy. You may be able to negotiate study leave when big tests or exams come around and even be able to take days off to write them.



Plan Each Week

When you are studying as well as working full-time, the days can run away with you. Make sure that your time is expertly managed. Set out a study and work plan for the week and stick to it. Be sure to add downtime too though, burn out will only impede your work and study. There are a few outstanding apps that you can use to help you keep track of your days. Do your research beforehand to see which one suits you the best.



Don’t Do It Alone

Feeling alone is one of the worst killers in today’s day and age. It is so easy to get isolated by the digital world and even more so when all you seem to do is work, eat, study sleep and repeat. Joining a network of people who are going through the same hard time as you will help to keep you motivated. Take time out to chat to them about your frustrations, and see if they have any good advice on how to deal with them.



Take It Easy

Ok, so of course you won’t entirely take it easy, you’re a driven individual, determined to succeed. But at least try. Be kind to yourself. Take time off to do your favourite activities and see your friends. Self-care is even more critical when you are trying to balance full-time work and studying. Sign up for yoga or meditation classes and learn to breathe and relax. Burnout won’t help you to succeed at anything.



Take these tips to heed, and you’re well on your way towards a successful work and study life. Get in touch with us for guidance.