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Learn When and How it Suits You With Our Online Short Courses

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Education Insights

An alternative to traditional learning, online short courses have gained popularity across the globe. It offers numerous advantages, such as easy retention and a laid-back flexible learning option. People sometimes discredit the value of a short course because of how accessible it is or how much quicker it is to complete than a three or four-year qualification – but it’s up to you to do the research to determine whether or not an online short course fits your need and lifestyle. Only you will be able to tell if your affordable online course of choice will be able to give you the value and convenience you need as well as meet the learning objectives you are aiming for. Here’s why each of these factors are important.


It’s essential that the short course you choose is accredited with an official regulating body. Your hard work should hold value and employers use this as a determining factor when considering what skills you officially possess. Accreditation can determine if a course you have taken uses a regulated framework, addressing specific standards of learning, so you know that you’ve acquired the appropriate knowledge and skills for the job or career in question. 




Convenience is both cost and time-related. Registering for a course because you want to add to it your CV or portfolio is not enough. You have to ask yourself if Is the course is affordable, and can it fit within your budget? Is it the course flexible, and can it easily fit into your current schedule? These are important questions to ask before considering an online course. While costing counts, courses must offer ‘value-for-money’. The cost should absolutely equal the benefit. 



Learning Objectives 

Your learning objectives are significant. Do you want to expand your knowledge in a certain area that will give you sufficient expertise to start a new career path? Why are you motivated to learn more? Identify the goals you would like to achieve first before choosing an affordable online course. This will ensure that you have made the right course selection for the area in your job or career you would like to expand or enhance.



Affordable online courses have become an easier way to learn. Assessment College offers a wide range of courses that can be applied in many different fields and phases of your career. These affordable courses are available as classroom-style learning, tailored to your corporate group needs, and are accessible online. Employees can upskill, businesses can reskill, and individuals can acquire new knowledge – with just an internet connection.