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How To Become A Leader In The Workplace

by | Jun 24, 2019 | All About Up-Skilling, Career Progression, Guides

Close your eyes and think of the hierarchy at your place of work. Who do you see in which position? The likelihood is that there’s a clear pattern where age is concerned. Usually, leadership positions are occupied by older employees. One might argue that this is simply because people with more experience are better equipped to lead. However, we know that this isn’t necessarily true. Age isn’t the sole determinant of capacity to lead, so this shouldn’t limit you from pursuing your goals. 

If you’re a young professional with an interest in how to become a leader where you work, this article is for you. We share some expert pointers on how to become a leader at work.

Observe & Understand The Organisational Culture

So, you want to climb the ladder? The first thing to do is to observe how it works. You are part of a team and it’s important to be thoroughly clear about your role. Chat with colleagues or your line manager to learn more about how the business is structured.



Offer Up Innovative Solutions To Standing Or Recurring Challenges

Whether you’re fresh out of studying or another industry, you have a unique advantage. Your perspective of challenges is from a clean slate, so you can explore creative ways to solve them. Write down your suggestions and run them past the relevant superiors – you never know who’s watching.



Take Initiative To Help Where Extra Effort Is Needed

Teamwork makes the dream work. Don’t be shy to offer help around the office. This doesn’t mean you should overextend yourself or suck up – just be a team player. To become a leader, you need to be able to pull people together towards a common goal – the sooner you understand this, the better.



Be Accountable For Your Own Role & Master It

Become the best at your current position. Nothing makes a better impression than someone who takes full responsibility for their work. Deliver good quality outputs, diligently and on time. This speaks to your work ethic and character.



Take Up A Mentor In The Company’s Leadership

Who better to learn from than your superiors? Ask if one or more of them are willing to take you under their wing and teach you the ropes. Experience is the best teacher.



Start Networking & Communicating Openly

Introduce yourself to leaders in your industry. Share ideas, so that they know what you have to offer.

Graduating is only the beginning. There are still many lessons to learn on the ground and skills to acquire through online courses over time. Contact us to learn more about becoming a leader at work.