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Gap Year Ideas For You To Consider In South Africa

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Guides, Preparing For The Future

Long gone are the days when a gap year was just something you heard from your favourite television series. It is no longer an idea only learners from affluent backgrounds planned on doing, but that is fast changing, with just about every school leaving teenager considers. Taking a gap year has never been more attainable for South African youth fresh out of matric and want to take a well-deserved break from tests, assignments, and exams. They may want to take the time to make some money while getting practical work experience or go on a travel adventure with friends. A gap year is also a time for the youth to prepare themselves for life at university or college if they feel they are not ready yet. 

However, there is no need to board a flight halfway across the world when you can experience all that life has to offer right here at home. If you are thinking about taking a gap year, then here are just three ideas to get your plans for a gap year in motion. 


Giving back in the form of charity is important and what better way for you to help than to volunteer your skills at an orphanage for children. There is also a multitude of community projects that need volunteers. You can help the children with their homework and help them study for exams since it has not been long since you left school. Or if the project is in a disadvantaged area, you can spend time teaching the young children how to read and write. The children will gain immensely from your tutoring. There are a variety of charities you can contact in your community that will be more than happy to accommodate you. 



Volunteer At WWOOF South Africa

If you are after the simple life, then it does not get better than spending your time on organic farms and working in exchange for boarding and food. The programme is for locals and international visitors, and it includes working on an organic farm sowing seed, gardening, planting, weeding, making compost, milking and feeding animal farms and so much more. The organisation works with various farms that are commercial producers or are farming as a hobby. It is an excellent way of gaining hands-on experience while learning about organic and sustainable methods of living. 



Work With Animals

If you love animals and would instead work with them during your gap year, then you are in luck. There are a variety of animal organisations that will help you learn about conservation and improve your wildlife knowledge. You can volunteer your time in caring for endangered animals or monitoring sea animals such as the great white sharks. There is also an option of working at animal shelters that need volunteers to assist the staff.  



These are just some ideas that you consider when thinking about what to do during your gap year. It does not have to be a time to twiddle your thumbs at home or watching television the whole day. You can get to know your country and make a meaningful contribution before having to hit the books once again.