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Four Tips On How To Balance Studies and Working

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Career Progression

For many career men and women that are thinking about registering to study, their main concern is whether they will handle the demands from their job and education simultaneously. There are also plenty of young students who have to work to finance their journey in higher education who also need to learn to find stability. While it seems impossible to find the perfect balance, there is a way to achieve it with some effort. It will take enormous planning and prioritisation, but different methods work for different people. You can use the tips we are about to offer as a guide to finding an ideal work and study routine that is suitable for you.

Planning Well

When you are working a full-time job while studying, planning is essential so you can give enough attention to both and neglect neither. Before the semester starts, gather as much info about each of your modules, including project deadlines and exam schedules. Mark these dates in bold and then sync these dates with essential meetings at work to ensure there are no clashes. Understanding the schedules will allow you to determine how many hours remaining each day to invest in studies. 



Use Your Time Wisely

Studying and working at the same time can seem like there is no free time for anything else. But if the open hours are used constructively, this will relieve stress and help you balance your work and studies. It means using your lunch break to read a chapter from your study books, and if you are commuting to work, use the time in transit to read a few chapters. 



Take Initiative

Studying and working at the same time is not easy but what does make it simpler is when you can use what you are learning in your course work during work hours. Talk to your superiors about using the techniques you are learning through your studies and projects at the office. For example, if you are learning about new marketing techniques, then find ways to implement them. Not only will you benefit, but your bosses will also be impressed. 



Look After Yourself

Working hard and studying even harder is expected when juggling both but do not neglect your health. You can add a short exercise routine into your studies but most importantly, eat properly and make sure you sleep. Being tired and sleepy all the time or eating unhealthy food to cut on cooking time is not recommended. Eating healthy and being well-rested will ensure you start your day well and provide a much-needed energy boost when necessary. 



Studying while working full-time can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible to accomplish. Determination and the right institution that offers support will help you succeed. Follow our tips, and you will balance your studies and working full-time, making it look easy.