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E-Learning 101: All You Need To Know

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Education Insights

Rapid technological developments are a hallmark of living on modern-day planet Earth. More people are starting to work, play and even learn from home using electronic support. Not only are our digital devices getting smarter, but our educational models are evolving in line with this as well. E-learning is a clear demonstration of the continuous growth taking place in the education sector. It has improved the facilitation of long-distance learning programs, providing digital and/or online support for remote students across South Africa.

How do these developments translate in the greater scheme of things? We discuss all there is to know about online learning and how it’s revolutionising learning in the country.

What Is E-Learning?

Simply put, online learning refers to an educational program that is administered and facilitated through electronic media. A platform, typically in the form of a website, is set up as a base for interaction and communication between the student and the institution that they are enrolled in. Here, all teaching, reading and assessment materials are uploaded for learning. E-learning usually makes use of multimedia tools such as videos, audio files, and digital reading materials.



How E-Learning Is Changing The Education Landscape In South Africa

  • Access to traditional education is a contentious issue in the country, so e-learning offers a viable alternative.
  • Allowing students to study remotely reduces the accommodation and transport challenge that students in traditional institutions are often faced with.
  • Many South Africans can’t afford university or college fees, but e-learning courses cost less in total, which means more people can afford an education.
  • The country’s economy is undergoing a difficult time, so it may be necessary to work and study simultaneously. E-learning makes it possible to juggle the two successfully.

What You Need To Complete An E-Learning Course

Seeing as there’s no classroom to walk into, there are a few tools and qualities you will need for effective e-learning. These include: 

  • A computer that is connected to the Web
  • Computer literacy skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Research skills 



Now that you know all there is, you’re equipped to make the right decision for yourself. If you’re looking for an accredited e-learning course to enrol in, Assessment College is the place to go. View our courses now!.