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Consider These 4 Online & Classroom Based Alternatives For Your Future

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Education Insights

The world is changing every day and with it, so are many of the ideas that influence how we choose to live our lives and we now have online classroom-based activities to help get us where we need to go. Take higher education in South Africa, for example. There was a time when the consensus was that enrolling at a university was the best thing you could do to start a career. However, with time, it’s become clear that this belief is not a universal truth. Not only is there not enough capacity for all applicants in university, but there’s also a host of socio-economic factors that limit access to these institutions a well. The current job market is over- influxuated with graduates and many graduates can’t find employment.

But life must go on, and you must still find a career path. One that gives you the opportunity to live your passion and express yourself through your daily job. So, what can you do – besides going to university – to get your future started? There are more options than you may think, so we’ll share a few with you.

Option #1: Take A Gap Year To Figure Yourself Out

Deciding while under pressure or feeling rushed is one of the worst things you can do at this pivotal point in your life. If you’re good at many things or are unsure of what you like, you may need to give yourself some time to explore your options. You can volunteer, find employment or travel at this time – this will help provide you with the perspective you need.



Option #2: Put Your Innovative Ideas To Good Use As An Entrepreneur

The path isn’t set up the same way for everyone. Perhaps you have some ideas that fill a gap in the local or global market. Dedicate your energy towards writing a business plan, securing capital and refining your ideas to start a career in entrepreneurship.



Option #3: Apply For A Job To Gain Experience For Your CV

There are many jobs that you can try out across a variety of sectors that don’t require higher education. You can build your CV while saving up and deciding if you want to further your education in the future. Another way to approach gaining workplace experience and acquiring hard skills is through an apprenticeship, learnership or traineeship. These options offer varying degrees of on-site training for school leavers and graduates as well.



Option #4: Enrol For A Reputable, Exciting, Affordable Short  Course

You don’t have to be in a physical classroom to learn new things. Online education in an online classroom is a rapidly growing alternative to traditional post-high school studies in South Africa. At Assessment College, we offer courses which can for you to experience many other alternative pathways for your career. Again – these courses can be applied to ANY industry or discipline.

Apply today and get started on your future.