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Carving new pathways with career-boosting short courses

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Career Progression, Informational

In the words of Albert Einstein: “Intellectual growth should commence at birth, and cease only at death.”


It’s not an easy task to reinvent yourself at work, once you find yourself in a set career with little to no opportunity to further your knowledge or broaden your skills. With both time and money being the resources in the shortest supply, you may find it virtually impossible to enroll in any sort of tertiary studies to expand your qualifications. 

We believe that you can still broaden your mind, boost your CV and revolutionize your career, by setting aside minimal resources to complete the best online courses in South Africa. 



You can think big, and start small

You don’t have to look far to find course material that is practical, applicable, and easily accessible within your personal budget and available time. There are online courses that deal with a variety of topics that can jack up your knowledge and expertise, both internationally and also from local establishments: 



Management & Leadership

Good leadership continues to be one of the most desirable attributes in the workplace. Acquiring management and leadership skills will never be a waste. Show that you’ve invested in your own management style with an online leadership course, or a course in coaching, mentorship, or conflict management. 



Project Management

Whatever the industry, project management qualifications and skills are valuable and sought-after. If you possess a natural ability to organize and oversee multiple facets of a project, this is a skill that can be further learned and refined by taking a project management course. Many opt for an online project management syllabus, for flexible learning conditions and minimal disruption to existing work.




Good communication is a non-negotiable essential in a corporate environment, and especially where business writing is concerned. To improve on your ability to put forward ideas in written and verbal communication that is well received and understood, consider taking an online course in communication or business writing.



Team Building

If it falls to you in a position of management to run a team or division, you will know the importance of solidarity and a united goal within your team. Personality differences and conflict can get in the way of team productivity, ultimately affecting the bottom line and overall staff job satisfaction. You can equip yourself to bring your team together (and boost your resumé too) with courses in team-building or team empowerment, or mentorship courses that facilitate positive one-on-one growth with your staff. 




Understanding the basics of business finance is important in any role of leadership – you need to know what the fuss is about when accounts are mismanaged. Refine your understanding even further with a course in business finance, so that you can go a step further in actively supporting your workplace finance department, and also make your CV stand out to companies who will value your sensitivity to the matter of good accounting.




Undergo a career makeover with the best online courses in South Africa


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in and what your title is – there is a wide range of online courses for any field of interest, to enhance your current work, boost your CV and give your career the makeover that you’re working toward. Some examples are:

  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Customer service
  • Problem Solving
  • Master Assessor
  • Public speaking
  • Excel Basics
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Skills Development Facilitation
  • Coding and website building


Don’t let your resumé stagnate. Bolster your work experience with career-boosting short courses that will set you apart for greater success.