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Assessment College: Online Learning Courses From Start To Finish

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Preparing For The Future

If there’s a buzzword on everybody’s lips these days, it’s “online learning”. Many of us live our lives plugged into a variety of online platforms daily, using a smartphone, tablet or computer. These technological advances have changed the way we communicate and connect forever. From catching up with friends and family to meeting new people, the Internet is a bustling site of interaction in the world as we know it today. But, what does this mean about education? There’s a lot to unpack.
If you’ve considered taking up an online course but were unsure of what it entails, this blog is for you. We explore online learning and how it works.

What Is Online Learning?

To start off, we’re going to define online learning in the simplest terms. Online learning refers to web-based education programmes that students can enroll in remotely. There’s no physical lecture room or daily lectures, but there is course material that serves the same purpose. From pre-recorded video lectures and online community discussion platforms to an array of physical and electronic reading materials and assessments, this approach allows students to be in charge of their learning programmes. Online courses are ideal for people who already work or wish to engage in other activities while they study.



How It Works

If you’ve never encountered an online course before, you may be wondering how it works. Every institution approaches it differently, but these are the basics:

  • Video Lectures – these are put together by the relevant lecturer, recorded ahead of time and uploaded online for viewing. There’s no specific time – you can watch at your leisure.
  • Learning Resources & Study Material – journal articles, textbooks, and e-books are among the materials you can expect to use. Physical copies can be delivered to you via courier where digital access is impossible.
  • Interactive Discussion Platforms

Class discussions and Q&As are facilitated through interactive sessions, which are scheduled beforehand. This supports the reading materials and allows for engagement with course content.

  • Exercises & Assessments

Scores are awarded for completed assignments, tests, and discussions.

  • Registered Qualifications

Once a student acquires all required credits at the end of the course, a qualification that is recognised by the relevant authority (DHET) is issued.



Get Quality Education By Applying For One Of Our Online Learning Courses

Online learning provides access to education, using technology as a practical base for facilitating learning. It’s simple, convenient and valuable to the process of improving knowledge and skill set. At Assessment College, we offer a variety of online learning courses that are relevant to the education sector. View our courses!