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5 Key Tips On How To Get A Promotion At Work By Upskilling

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Career Progression

Nobody wants to reach a lull or grow stagnant in their career. Upward mobility is an important element of any work environment, but how do you secure the opportunity to grow in your particular field? At Assessment College, we offer a range of courses that can help you upskill to get a promotion. In this blog, we chat about the different ways that you can approach upskilling and improve your chances of clinching that dream job.

Ask Superiors For Feedback & Advice To Incorporate Into Your Professional Development

There’s no one better positioned to use as a yardstick than the people who are already working at the level you wish to advance to. Schedule regular professional development meetings with your manager to discuss what you’re good at and what you need to improve on. This will equip you with ongoing tips on how to improve at what you do.



Take On More Responsibilities & Prove What You’re Capable Of

Offer your services beyond where they are expected. You’ll learn new elements of your job and have an opportunity to show your bosses what you’re made of. All you have to do is follow through on everything that the extra responsibilities entail while keeping your day-to-day work on track.



Spend Time In A Completely Different Department To Learn What They Do

Most workspaces have various departments that operate in their own ways. Ask your manager if you can spend a bit of time in another department every week, to gain a better perspective of how each one works for the greater purpose of the organisation at large.



Initiate Opportunities That You Can Develop To Showcase Your Innovation

You know those things that you always complain about your workplace lacking? Those are opportunities that require creative solutions. Be a self-starter and work on a way to work out some of these kinks for your organisation.



Enrol Yourself In A Course To Grow Your Skill Set & Knowledge Base

Getting a qualification means that you expand on the things you know about your field, as well as your capabilities. This display of self-development can work in your favour if you intend to apply for an internal promotion or even for a higher level job elsewhere.



There are many ways to move up the professional ladder, but nothing beats improving yourself in the process. Not only do you become better qualified to become a senior in what you already do, but you can also diversify the number of jobs you’re proficient at. Start working on securing your next promotion by applying for a course at Assessment College.