We provide a series of ‘How to’ guides for learners so they can quickly get the best resources available

They are also given a range of media, including webinars and other video resources, to support their learning experience

Chat sessions and forums connect the learner with their peers and academic staff, so they can discuss topics and broaden their knowledge

We track the learning process so learners can see which sections have been completed and which haven’t

Online assessments give you and the learners immediate feedback on their progress

Learners can see when work is being marked and can access results and feedback online

We monitor learners so we can see who is accessing and engaging with the content, as well as measuring their progress in the programme

We encourage interaction between learners as it’s proven to improve success rates, while group assignments promote teamwork and peer-to-peer engagement

We constantly update our online content to offer learners the highest standard of learning

Our Courses run throughout the year.