ODETDP Level 5 – Diploma.

The next step in progression from the Certificate to ODETDP Diploma.

What you will learn.

The next step for progression from the Certificate in ODETDP, is specialising in ETD with an in-depth learning experience of Learning and Development in the organisation directly related to Human Resources and Quality Management, Special Needs and Diversity, Team coherence and empowerment, Project Management and Conflict Handling.

*Note that the National Certificate in ODETDP NQF level 5 must first be achieved before recognition of the Diploma will be granted by SAQA at 240 credits on NQF level 5.

What you can do.

  • ETD Researcher
  • ETD Specialist
  • ETD Practitioner

What’s Included:

  • Learning Material
  • Facilitation
  • Assessment
  • Moderation
  • Certification

Classroom-style Learning

Our programmes offer hands-on, personalised learning for students wanting face-to-face interaction. Learners benefit from group discussions and interaction in an environment that promotes peripheral ‘outside the box’ thinking.
Catering is provided.

Duration – 4 x 5 day sessions
Fee – R 30015 (VAT incl.)

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Blended/Hybrid Learning

Learning takes place via pre-scheduled Zoom sessions. A standardized lesson plan which is currently utilised for classroom-based learning purposes is continuously amended throughout the learning process, strongly dependent on the engagement, participation and learning experience of the learners to ensure as successful outcome of the programme. Facilitators and assessors also make use of additional one-on-one sessions via Zoom, Whatsapp groups and email communication, especially for additional learner support and remedial evidence.

Duration – 4 x 5 day sessions
Fee – R 27991 (VAT incl.).

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Corporate Group Learning

Interested in hosting this course in-house? A fee can be negotiated for the training, along with customised dates that meet the needs of your organisation best. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Session 1
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 252041 Promote A Learning Culture In An Organisation, NQF Level 5, 5 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 15227 Conduct Skills Development Administration In An Organisation, NQF Level 4, 4 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 15217 Develop An Organisational Training And Development Plan, NQF Level 5, 6 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 115792 Access, Process, Adapt And Use Data From A Wide Range Of Texts, NQF Level 5, 5 Credits
Session 2
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 123400 Evaluate And Promote Education Training And Development (Etd) Providers, Services And Products For Organisational Use, NQFlevel 6, 5 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 15228 Advise On The Establishment And Implementation Of A Quality Management System For Skills Development Practices In An organisation, NQF Level 5, 10 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 12140 Recruit And Select Candidates To Fill Defined Positions, NQF Level 5, 9 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 119665 Demonstrate Understanding Of The Concept Of Human Rights And Democracy And Its Application In Society, NQF Level 5, 12 Credits
Session 3
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 15223 Harness Diversity And Build On Strengths Of A Diverse Working Environment, NQF Level 5, 3 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 10294 Identify And Respond To Learners With Special Needs And Barriers To Learning, NQF Level 5, 10 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 119274 Select Learning Support Materials And Assistive Technology For Inclusive Settings, NQF Level 4, 12 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 115791 Use Language And Communication Strategies For Vocational And Occupational Learning, NQF Level 5, 5 Credits
Session 4
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 15237 Build Teams To Meet Set Goals And Objectives / 252037 Build Teams To Achieve Goals And Objectives, NQF Level 5, 5 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 15224 Empower Team Members Through Recognising Strengths, Encouraging Participation In Decision Making And Delegating Tasks, NQF Level 5, 4 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 114226 Interpret And Manage Conflicts Within The Workplace, NQF Level 5, 8 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard: 120388 Supervise A Project Team Of A Small Project To Deliver Project Deliverables, NQF Level 5, 14 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Qualification Number: 50333 National Diploma: Occupationally Directed Education Training And Development Practices, NQF Level 5, 115 Credits

Other Full Qualifications

ODETDP Certificate – Level 5

Understand, apply and implement the full Learning Cycle of Education, Training and Skills Development and get certified as an Education Training and Development Professional Practitioner.

Available as:

ODETDP Certificate – Level 6

Learn how to conduct research and how to define standards for assessment in Education Training and Development.

Available as:

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