Licensee Application Supporting Documents Checklist

Document Name

Included (Indicate Y/N)


  • Letter of Motivation to become a Licensee of Assessment College
  • Company Profile
  • Company Registration Certificate (if applicable i.e. if the entity is a registered business)
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate (if applicable)
  • Certified copies of the ID’s / Passports of the company shareholders / members / directors / owners
  • SETA Scope of Accreditation Letter and/or any other evidence of accreditation with a Regulatory or Awarding Body (if currently an accredited institution)
  • Clear photos of the venue where programmes will be delivered, including physical address. If possible, please include evidence (i.e. MoU with a venue supplier), evidence of Ownership of Premises or Lease Agreement.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Inspection Report
  • ETDPSETA Assessor Statement Of Results confirming US 115753 of all staff and who will be delivering the programmes.
  • Valid Assessor Registration Letters from ETDPSETA and/or other SETA’s/Regulatory/Awarding Bodies for ALL individuals who will be conducting the training.
  • CV’s and qualifications from all Facilitators and Assessors who will be involved Licentiateship Business Operating Model
  • Planning and projections for training specifically referring to: - by when you would like to be operational - the number of learners you anticipate to train, per month over a 12-month period - the focus you intend to address
  • Examples of your existing marketing material/brochures (if available)