Help a colleaugue to better apply their job skills, values, knowledge and attitudes

What you will learn.

You will learn to develop and attain the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to advise and support learners relating to understanding the content, structure, admission requirements, exit level outcomes, learning contracts and approaches to learning and assessment of a learning programme, career progression options within an occupation, typical learning or personal difficulties and applying the skills and techniques required of a mentor.

What you can do.

  • Mentor individuals through learning by advising them on improvement
    Act as a mentor to your staff teams and subordinates to enhance their insights and expand their possibilities for career development and planning
  • Act as an occupational career/learning advisor
  • Be a self-employed mentor for organisations, individuals and learning institutions

What’s Included:

  • Learning Material
  • Facilitation
  • Assessment
  • Moderation
  • Certification


  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard:117865 Assist And Support Learners To Manage Their Learning Experiences, NQF level 4, 5 Credits
  • SAQA Accredited Unit Standard:114215 Mentor A Colleague To Enhance The Individuals Knowledge, Skills, Values And Attitudes In A Selected Career Path, NQF level 4, 3 Credits

Corporate Group Learning

Interested in hosting this course in-house? A fee can be negotiated for the training, along with customised dates that meet the needs of your organisation best. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Other Short Courses.

Our ETD programmes and qualifications have been carefully designed to meet the needs of your industry and business.


This course is aimed at anyone who already is or would like to become part of a training or learning environment and includes education training and development practitioners, lecturers, teachers, entrepreneurs, school leavers, and university and college students.

Available as:


This course is aimed at already-certified assessors who would want to get involved in the monitoring, Quality Assurance and Support of Assessment Practices.

Available as:


This course is aimed at Facilitators, Managers, Supervisors, HR Practitioners, lecturers and teachers where one is learned to conduct on-the-job as well as the assessment of learning programmes and skills.

Available as:

Learning Programme Designer

Learn how to design and develop learning programmes and courses. This applies to accredited or non-accredited learning programmes. You can design and develop your own courses as well.

Available as:

Assessment Designer

Learn how to design assessments which are used to conduct on-the-job or practical assessments. as well as for courses or learning programmes.

Available as:


Learn how to coach an individual to enhance their performance in a work environment. Managers, Supervisors, HR Practitioners, Lecturers, and Teachers can greatly benefit from this course.

Available as:

Skills Development Facilitator – SDF

This course is aimed at individuals who would manage, plan, implement and report on all training operations within an organisation, including the submission of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) to the relevant regulators and labour departments as a requirement to be able to claim Mandatory and Discretionary grant funding.

Available as:

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